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Simplifying cost management with AI: E-Mobility use case

After years of experience, we are very familiar with the complexities of managing an EV fleet with multiple charging partners like BP, DCS or others. Ultimately, a fleet manager always tries to get the best rates.  

To address these challenges we introduce ADE Fleet Charge Sync, a custom made solution to simplify EV cost management using artificial intelligence. 

Each driver usually uses different charging cards, provided by these charging partners, resulting in a pile of invoices from various providers, each in a different format. This makes it a daunting task to get a clear overview of the total charging costs per vehicle, a crucial element for managing a fleet’s total operating costs. 

The Problem

The lack of standardized formats in the electric vehicle industry presents challenges: 

Multiple Charging Partners: Engaging with several charging partners, each providing their own invoices. 

Various Cards: Drivers have access to different charging cards. 

Separate Invoices: Each charging partner issues invoices in different formats. 

Vehicle-specific Data: Invoices include data for all vehicles, organized by license plate.

Our solution,  ADE Fleet Charge Sync 

We can provide a comprehensive view of the total charging costs per vehicle, using Artificial intelligence.  No longer Excel data compilations from invoices needed, all automated at a click of a thumb. 

With this custom technology Advance Digital Experts has created this new service, tailored to each business to address the lack of standardized formats in the industry.  

How it works: 

  1. Automated Data Collection: Gather invoices from all your charging partners automatically, eliminating the need for manual data entry.
  2. Data Standardization: Convert all invoices into a standardized format, making it easier to integrate and analyze the data.
  3. Intelligent Data Integration: Organize the data per vehicle and license plate, ensuring that all relevant information is accurately consolidated.
  4. Achieve Desired Outcomes: Identify and correct discrepancies in the data, ensuring high accuracy automatically.


Predictive Analytics: Our AI can provide insights and forecasts on charging costs, helping you make informed decisions to optimize fleet operations.

Customizable Outputs: Whether you need a PDF report, an interactive dashboard, or any other format, generate the output that best suits your needs.

Curious to Know More? 

Contact us today to get your free demo and discover how ADE Fleet Charge Sync can optimize your fleet's charging cost management 

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